Can You See This?

2-vision[2]People come in to our office complaining about their vision and saying: “I guess I need some new glasses.”
Blurry vision is assumed to be the culprit of poor vision with your glasses or contact lenses. Right? You think you need a new prescription to help your blurred vision. Have you ever thought that waiting until your vision gets blurry could be a sign that you may have glaucoma, macular degeneration or cataracts? You don’t want to outlive your vision. If you are on certain medications for your blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol or steroids. These medications may not only affect your vision; these medications may alter vision clarity and the assumption is that I need new glasses. Many people have dry eyes. This affects vision clarity. All of the above information shows, we find, you may not need a prescription lens change. It may be that your diabetes is not controlled, your blood pressure is not controlled or has done some damage to your vision. Elevated cholesterol can cause blockage of blood flow to your eyes. Dry eyes may be the culprit of your vision being blurry. Rapid vision loss is something to pay attention to b/c you may bleeding in the back of your eye or a retinal detachment causing rapid permanent blindness.

Let’s think about what we just said. If you wait until you can’t see, you may have permanently lost some of your vision. If that’s the case, new prescriptions in your glasses or contact lenses will not help. Your vision may have some permanent loss.
I like to use this addage:If you brush your teeth daily and can replace them; why would you wait until you can’t see to have your eyes examined which you cannot replace.
Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen| Dr. Burt Bodan


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