Do you or your children drink Bottled Water?!

b76c38b91130b7a5a642775416859047[1]There’s a good chance that fancy water you’ve just forked out a couple bucks for comes from the same place, your city water supply! Yes, there’s an estimated 25% of bottled water that actually comes from you city water supply. Of course the water goes through a filtering process, and other treatments.

Look at the label carefully, does it read “purified” or “drinking water”? If so, chances are it is from YOUR city water supply, and unless the water has been “substantially” altered, it’s required to be stated on the label, that the water’s from a municipal source.

Here’s a list of bottled waters which are from CITY sources: Pepsi’s Aquafina, Coke’s Dasani, and now it looks like Nestle’s Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water is up in the air with a class action lawsuit for a document revealing a 5 gallon water bottle that was defined by Nestle as, “municipal water and/or well water” processed by Nestle’s treatment plants and repackaged with images of pristine glacial lakes and mountains.

It has also been found that the plastic bottle water containers can release chemicals that cause cancer. Knowing all of this maybe we should just fill our own water bottles from our own tap, filtered or not! Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr.Do Nguyen | Dr. Burt Bodan


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