SPORTS and Employment – Know Your Strengths and Abilities

football stadiumWe all know it’s time for that notorious game with the pigskin. Buckle up and get ready to see some real contenders for the SEC conference. Football and sports can teach us all alot besides tailgaiting, betting and beer. Team work is LIFE! Team work is the name of the game in sports.

What makes all of this come together in finding and keeping a job? What do you think? In doing some reading and looking at young folks trying to find THE or THAT job, it occurred to me the challenges for them, having once been there myself. As and employer, I only want the standouts. As a coach, it’s no different. You might want to work it backwards and list what makes you happy, where you want to live, what and how much time away from work do you want, how much money will satisfy my needs and wants and the obvious is with these priorities what jobs do I want to pursue that fulfill my needs. Then look for a mentor in several fields you may have chosen that fit into your profile. An article I read said there are 10 elements in the job search process. We won’t list them all here but let’s give you something to think about.
As an employer, I want to see what are the strengths you bring to me. What are your weaknesses?” I hate the word weaknesses but it is a cliche and would be better stated as opportunities for improvement in myself. It’s a humbling experience because many times you don’t have enough experiences to know what the crux of those would be to land a job.
Coaches spend alot of time getting committments after they have researched the players they want to make their team exceptional, ..well most coaches! Employers are the same in putting together their team. If you are lucky enough to find a mentor, seize the moment and opportunity. I want my mentees well prepared for their jobs and in doing so help them in their careers and developing their skills they will need for other job opportunities and searches. In reading most job hunters thought the following:

“I guess my strengths are my work ethic, college education, and my computer skills.” “I’m not certain how to answer the question about my weaknesses.” This is not uncommon to hear. Why do we need to identify our strengths, weaknesses, skills, and abilities?
The following were some answers I found in my reading.

We need to know our strengths and skills for four main reasons:

■It helps us to write a cover letter that can really sell us
■It helps us in answering interview questions
■It provides us with confidence during the interview
■It helps us in trying to influence the hiring decision after the interview.”
Remember, ultimately the job will go to the candidate who is prepared and who effectively executes the basics of the job interview process.
In all you do, you will want to EXECUTE FOR SUCCESS! My suggestion for life, whether you are looking for a job, or just living life, is always to be honest with yourself and others. If others are friends, coworkere or mentor bosses they are worth their weight in gold. You will never forget that first job. Take advantage of all that is given to you to better yourself and we can all learn from each other all of our strengths and weaknesses! I would like to be the one employer remembered that was like the best teacher they ever had or the best coach they ever had and left them with an indellible impression. If I do I and my team won! Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Burt Bodan | Dr. Do Nguyen


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