Prescription Sports Sunglasses-Did You Know?

wadesimmons[1]The Eyewear Gallery has been sponsoring numerous events for the biking and running clubs of Memphis. The Memphis Hightailers and Memphis Runners and Track Club. These events help support local charities. This blog will feature one of the frame lines that is popular with outdoor sports enthusiasts. Oakley has been arround about 20 years now. The Eyewear Gallery was the first in Memphis recognized by the company to carry both their Prescription and non Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses. The impact resistance of an Oakley lens has been tested and proven by the US Military against bullets and is approved for space expeditions by NASA! The Eyewear Gallery’s selection of Oakley glasses and sunglasses has doubled to one of the largest collections in the city of Memphis,Tennessee. These are really a safe way to get the best performance out of your hobby and keep you safe helping increase your contrast with different colored lens options and coatings. We use impact resistant/safety lenses. We have found at these community events, that most people do not know they can get their prescription in Sport Sunglasses even in bifocals. Oakleys can be found now in many places but the key for the best choice in your lenses is a knowledgeable person who works with this product. We have trained opticians that have spent many hours learning the product. You want to see how they look with different coatings and light transmissions even in cloudy or sunny circumstances which we will demonstrate. We are not order takers we are experienced in the composition of the frame and what will work best with your lifestyle needs and give you the information to help you decide which product is best. We will make sure that you have the right size frame and lens for both prescription and non prescription glasses and sunglasses which will be determined by professionally trained staff and doctors well versed in the product. This makes all the difference in your enjoyment of both the lens and the sport of your choice! Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Burt Bodan | Dr. Do Nguyen


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