Could contact lenses save your Life?!

Next Generation Contact Lenses May Help Monitor Health!

The next generation of contact Lenses called ‘smart lenses’…are packed with circuits, sensors and wireless technology.  These are all designed to keep an eye on your health.  Researchers are now testing contact lenses that may someday replace the standard blood test, blood level measurements found in the blood — such as cholesterol, sodium, potassium and glucose

Contact Lensses may save Your Life?!

can also be found on the surface of the eye. Currently, one type of smart contact lens already out on the market inEurope monitors eye pressure over the course of a day. Called the Trigger Fish, which can diagnose glaucoma. Contact lenses still in the developmental stage may one day slowly release eye medication over a long period of time. Dr. Warren Johnson/Dr. Burt Bodan (901)-763-2020



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