Electric Steam Goggles new invention for Dry eyes?

Would you mind wearing these if your eyes were dry!!!!!

New dry eye steam goggles invented in the UK? Sound crazy..well they look like it but for millions of dry eye sufferers this is another alternative.  Some 20 per cent of people in the UK and the United States suffer from dry eye, a figure which rises to 50 per cent in those over 65 and will continue with the aging of “baby boomers.

You might be thinking: Do I have significant dry eyes?  In some cases, eyes that are straining and staring at computers all day, dry environments found in different parts of the country, medications and hormonal changes in people contribute to this increasing problem. This is usually caused by glands in the eyelids which secrete oils. The problem occurs when these oils are too thick and waxy.  This condition may cause blurred vision and poor night vision making people think that their vision prescription may have changed or that they may now need glasses.  We always check this in our office before we change a patient’s prescription.

The cause of dry eyes is a result of the layer of water that coats the eyes evaporates too quickly, leaving them dry and inflammed and painful.  There have been many treatments over the past few years and over the counter drops may be used if the problem is not severe.  I would recommend over the counter rewetting drops like Systane, Refresh tears and Optive.  These may be used as often as needed.  Possibly drops like Visine and Murine that we Americans have grown up with may do more harm than good because of perservatives found in them that may cause eye redness.  Prescription medications like Restasis may be helpful if the over the counter drops are not enough to resolve the dry eye problem.  Tear duct plugs and rewetting drops may also be an option may help keep your own natural tears from draining.  We sometimes use bandage contact lenses if the cornea is scratched from dry eyes.  In extreme cases we prescribe an antiflammatory medication drop to reduce the pain.


A man in the UK suffering from extreme dry eyes found that his eyes felt much better after taking a steam bath.  A new discovery has now been developed and it consists of Goggles that deliver steam directly to the eyes! This melts the waxy plugs in the lid glands that produce the oily layer of the tear film , when not produced, these glands may inhibit the eyes from secreting parts of the tear film needed to diminish the symptoms of dry eyes!

These are called  Blephasteam goggles, as they are known, and are the result of a happy coincidence.

The Blephastem goggles were developed as a result of, the British eye specialist John Fuller who was visiting his brother Tom inNew Zealand when he was persuaded to try a steam bath for his dry eyes to see if that would help. After 10 minutes, he noticed that his vision was remarkably clear and his eyes felt very comfortable. The reason his eyes felt better was the plugging up of his lid oily layer of tear glands were melted away and opened to produce tears.

The patient, we will call Tom, was a design engineer,  and Dr. Fuller asked this design engineer to create the prototype for the Blephasteam goggles which were then used in clinical trials at Dorset CountyHospital, in Dorchester, England.

That was in 2001. Soon afterwards the goggles were being jointly produced by a UK  company, Spectrum, and Laboratoires Théa in France.

They look a bit like swimming goggles but are made from medical-grade rubber. Disposable paper rings soaked in water are placed inside the goggles (which are attached to a control box) and then plugged in.  This sounds strange but it worked.

The heat makes the paper rings produce steam to melt the waxy oils in the eyes. Harry’s steam goggles looked a bit like Elton John crossed with a welder, and he felt a bit ridiculous, but at about $400 US dollars, he was determined and optimistic about getting results.

He did and fortunately this was found to be another alternative.  They can be worn inconspicuously at home and for 10-15 minutes as often as need.  So for all of you dry sufferers talk to your eye doctor about this option. Don’t worry about the look of Elton John combined with a welding pair of glasses, nobody but your friends and family will give you a hard tme about the appearance. Look at this photo and , you will see what we mean.   Schedule An Appointment! http://www.genbook.com/bookings/slot/reservation/30150274

Dr. Warren Johnson/Dr. Do Nguyen www.EyewearGallery.com   (901)-763-2020 (This article was referenced from allaboutvision.com)


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