Time outdoors might reduce your nearsightedness!

Time spent Outdoors has been studied to show there is an association with a reduced nearsighted risk.  The time children spend outdoors could be linked to a reduced risk of being nearsighted.  Researchers found that for each additional hour spent outside per week, the risk of nearsightedness (myopia)  was decreased by two percent. Exposure to natural light and time spent looking at distant objects could be key factors.  In our office, we see our patients that get substantially worse are the ones who spend  the most time doing near work.  We always coach them on things to do to help retard the progression of vision reduction.  Nearsighted children spend on average 3.7 fewer hours per week outdoorsthan those who either had normal vision or were farsighted.  Relax your eyes by getting outside and doing whatever you like.  Cut back on the amount of time

Does wearing Chanel glasses help prevent my eyes from getting worse?

doing closework a little each day whether you are an adult or kid! www.TheEyewearGallery.com  Dr. Warren Johnson/ Dr. Burt Bodan  www.yelp.com/biz/eyewear-gallery-memphis-2   www.facebook.com/EyewearGalleryhttp://twitter.com/eyeweargallery, https://eyeweargallery.wordpress.com/, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/warren-johnson/12/797/b44


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