Allergic Complications with LASIK!!

This article reviews (LASIK) associated with ocular allergy. This review will provide guidance and heighten the need for a more comprehensive allergic evaluation before recommending LASIK procedure to patients. The material provided allows enhanced awareness of the potential postsurgical effects on allergic responses of the ocular surface and management thereof.

“Ocular allergy is often underdiagnosed and has been previously reported only in a handful of peer-reviewed journals as the cause for ocular irritation in people who have had the Lasik procedure causing dry eye disease.”  LASIK causes significant inflammation in normal eyes, which is only exacerbated in dry or allergic eyed patients.  Further investigation is required to better understand the complications of LASIK in allergic patients.

“LASIK surgery has been associated with increased anterior surface inflammatory processes that include dry eye syndrome and eye allergies.”  Poorer outcomes of LASIK procedures have been reported in patients with moderate to severe eye allergies.  Chronic forms of eye allergies is an absolute contraindication to the LASIK procedure. I recommend preoperative and postoperative management with your eye doctor to assess all parts of your visual health before proceeding with any eye surgical procedure. If everything is healthyand normal including your pupil size, no dry eyes and corneal thickness measurements are normal to cut some of the eye tissue; then we will help you in this decision process. Dr. Warren Johnson/Dr. Burt Bodan , 

Allergic and dry eyes in patients may not be Lasik candidates




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