Dr. Johnson do you recommend polarized lenses for sunglasses or tinted lenses?

I personally wear polarized lenses. They cut more glare and are clearer to see through on sunny and cloudy days. The blue wavelength of visible light is the most permanently damaging to our vision and causes the most glare. We are exposed to UV on both sunny and cloudy days that can cause cataracts and macular degeneration. Tinted lenses are acceptable if they have UV coatings applied but are not as clear for outdoor activities as polarized lenses. The UV coatings that we suggest are in compliance and recommended by the American Skin Cancer Foundation to protect eyes and the skin around your eyes. Like skin cancer and it’s potential prevention of development with use of sunscreen; you may not know but you are exposed to UV year round on sunny and cloudy days for all seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall.  This exposure without UV  calls for large covering polarized lenses to be worn year round. This as we have said this may prevent macular degeneration, cataracts and sun growths on your eyes. These can cause permanent damage to your vision that glasses won’t correct or prevent. People assume that if their glasses are clear to see through, their vision as well is fine. This is a false sense of security because we only see from an area in the back of our eyes that is the size of a pinhead and the rest of our vision comes from peripheral pixel points that you cannot detect may be dying. Take care of your vision with at least yearly or twice yearly evaluations. Like your teeth we need to maintain our vision! Dr. Warren Johnson/Dr. Burt Bodan  www.yelp.com/biz/eyewear-gallery-memphis-2   www.facebook.com/EyewearGalleryhttp://twitter.com/eyeweargallery , 

What can prevent permanent vision loss?





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