Serious Complications Resulting From Cataract Surgery Decreasing!!

Reports are now showing that serious complications resulting from cataract surgery are rare and have been decreasing over the past 20 years. Medicare data shows that Medicare recipients who underwent cataract surgery over the past two decades, found that people who had cataract surgery 20 years ago had a complication rate about 21 percent higher than cataract patients have now. The study theorizes that technological advances in surgical technique and equipment have led to the decreased complications rate. I personally believe that alot of the newer advances for cataract surgery implants are not always better.  There are now bifocal implants for cataract surgery. Many of those cases don’t see well at distance or near which is what the bifocal is supposed to do.  We see the questionable results of these bifocal implants in our office after cataract surgery.  Many of these patients still have vision difficulties at distance and near. They may still require the use of glasses after surgery even though they are touted as not having to do so. It’s the same with bifocal contact lenses; one focus is comprimised when trying to see the other but they do work for some people. 

The simpler the better procedure and the fewer complications. Remember how many times we have all purchased that “bells and whistles feature” only to regret all of the things that went wrong and we had to replace everything for one small problem. You don’t want to have to have your implants removed if they don’t work but there are fewer eye health complications after cataract surgery now! Dr. Warren Johnson/Dr. Burt Bodan , 

Simpler cataract surgeries may still prove to be the best with fewer risks



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