Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our Technology provides 20 Eye Health Tests and Checks I perform on every patient

• Screen for any eye pain, flashes or floaters
• Determine if a patient is having difficulties viewing distance or near
• Each eye is tested by itself and then both are tested together
• Health history and all medications taken are discussed with you
• Blood pressure is screened as well questioning for diabetes and cholesterol
• Color vision is determined to test your eye health
• Depth perception is measured to see how well your eyes work together
• Eye muscle alignment is tested to screen for signs of lazy eye
• Computerized refraction is done to see if there is a potential vision disorder
• Eye curvature measurements are done
• Eye pressure measurements are done to test for glaucoma
• Peripheral vision testing and photographs may be measured and taken
• Pupil testing is done to check the health of your vision path
• Distance vision testing is measured
• Near vision testing is measured
• Vision testing is done subjectively and objectively with different instruments
• Macular degeneration screening
• Internal eye health screening for glaucoma, cataracts and eye health problems
• Anterior microscope is used to check for any eye infections or early cataracts
• Summary of all testing is done with suggested protective eyewear devices and possible vitamin therapy www.TheEyewearGallery.comDr.Warren Johnson/Dr. Burt Bodan 

How thorough is your eye exam? ,



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