Are Diet Sodas Harming Your Health?

Just because a beverage has the word “diet” on the label doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Researchers are linking low-calorie drinks to a variety of medical issues, from an increased waist circumference to stroke.  Choosing a diet drink over a high-calorie beverage feels good.  Don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. In recent years, many studies have suggested that diet sodas might harm your health, without even shrinking your waistline. Just this week, researchers from the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio found that diet soda is associated with a larger waist circumference in humans and aspartame raised blood sugar in diabetes-prone mice.  59% of Americans who drink diet soda (according to a 2007 survey by the Calorie Control Council, a diet-food trade organization) should ponder the repercussions before gulping it down. Lifescript’s Medical Detective found that women who drink these beverages daily could have reason to worry. Here’s the truth about how diet soda can affect your health. Weight Gain;  it seems illogical that zero-calorie beverages could make you pack on pounds, but that’s what a three-year study by the University of Texas Department of Medicine found in 2005. For each diet drink participants had per day, they were 65% more likely to become overweight in the next 6-7 years, compared with those who didn’t drink them at all.  When you drink a diet soda with no calories, your body may get confused – either causing your metabolism to slow down or prompting a craving for more food to make up for the calories that never arrive.  Our bodies associate solid foods, more than liquids.  Then there’s the “Big Mac, fries and a diet soda” theory. Wishful thinkers who believe they can have a high-calorie meal if they wash it down with a zero-calorie drink end up consuming more than they should. People use diet sodas as an excuse to eat poorly.  Those who drink more low-calorie beverages tend to eat foods with more saturated and trans-fats, exercise less and eat fewer fruits and vegetables.

Osteoporosis for many women;  nothing refreshes after a workout like a diet drink.  Enjoy that diet soda after exercising motivates many people especially women.  What’s the punishment? Possibly undoing that exercise’s benefit to her bones. About 44 million people, 68% of whom are women, are at risk for osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become extremely porous and vulnerable to fracture, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Middle-aged and older women who drank three or more 12-ounce servings of cola (either diet or regular) per day had almost 4% lower bone mineral density in the hip, according to a 2006 Tufts University study examining more than 1,400 women. That’s after researchers factored in conditions such as age, menopausal status, calcium and vitamin D intake, and alcohol and cigarette use. Women who drank non-colas weren’t affected. “I’m convinced that cola is a risk factor for bone loss in older adults, particularly women,” says study leader Katherine Tucker, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Health Sciences at Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences in Boston. The culprit is phosphoric acid which leads to bone loss.  Phosphorous is an important bone mineral, but excess amounts may lead to bone loss because the body tries to neutralize excess acid by taking calcium from bones. Women of any age should have 3 servings of dairy products per day for optimal calcium intake, whether they drink soda or not.  Heart disease showed a 61% higher rate of heart attack and stroke than those who didn’t. Some nutrition, diet and vascular disease experts question the value of the findings because the study of 2,564 soda drinkers (63% were women) didn’t determine a direct relationship between diet soda and stroke. Bottom line there probably needs to be an anti soda camp!  “Why not drink a glass of iced tea or sparkling water?”  Schedule An Appointment!  Dr. Warren Johnson/ Dr. Do Nguyen

Diet Cokes don’t really help your weight and are dangerous!




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