Dr. Johnson I really like to play sports and I really like getting outside; what should I wear to protect my eyes?

Dr. Warren Johnson talks about safety Glasses and Sports!

I hear this all the time.  Sunny days and cloudy days, sports and outdoors all go together especially in the summer. UV rays on sunny and cloudy days can be harmful to your eyes. You may think that the glasses you picked up with a UV sticker are protecting your eyes but we always use a UV screener to see if you are truly protected; which you may not be.  For safety, a good solution would be polycarbonate polarized sports sun goggles that block harmful UV rays. This polycarbonate lens material is a thin lens material that is impact resistant and used in aircraft and in many cases where glass may have been previously used to prevent breakage. These lenses prevent dangerous projectiles like rocks, baseballs or other sports objects from causing the lens to splinter. If an object hits you in the eye and you are not wearing safety glasses or sunglasses; this can cause things like retinal detachment which can be sight threatening. Non safety lens materials when hit by high speed objects causes the lens to splinter and can become projectile towards and penetrate your eyeball. If you are wearing safety glasses or goggles that are made of polycarbonate plastic material, which is an impact resistant lens; this thin lens will cause the lens to fragment and fall out of your glasses and not go into your eyes.


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