Volunteer Memphis to help build our community!

You hear alot of rumbling about Memphis and people wanting to move out of the city because of crime and our political history of nepotism and economic mismanagement. There are alot of things our city can improve but only with the help of our community coming together. I wish I had a buck for every time that I heard these comments and I would like to give that buck to community organizations that help attempt to move Memphis forward! What can one person do? Alot, and if alot of “one persons” did plug into an impoverished community like ours, then we could only move forward. What helps others helps you. If our base is poor and uneducated, why not volunteer for tutoring/ reading programs or organizations that might help young people learn applicable life skills. So, yes maybe our school systems are a mess but let’s help those kids who should be getting more by helping them after school or in the summer. If we wish to move Memphis forward on the economic map we have to educate these kids out of impoverishment. The main way we can attract more businesses to Memphis is to educate the kids in our community for our workforce. Go to city hall meetings and voice your opinion and attempt to find places to put what you feel needs improvement in our community into action.  Get your kids involved with volunteer programs; not just with requirements from their schools but in the summer and year round so we teach them to pay forward and put this emotion into their hearts to help. Guess what?  Maybe they won’t want to move on outside of Memphis after their education has ended. We need them to stay and use their skills to improve our economic base and maybe they will feel more of a tie to the city they have helped and it’s community!  There are alot of “unsung” heros in my opinion that don’t get recognition for their helpful efforts for improving Memphis, nor do they want it. They are my heros and I need to pay forward as well!   We Can Do It and start this summer no matter how busy you think you are,,,we make ourselves busy with things we want to do and our kids learn this from us! Give back to the community in which you live by volunteering in our city through numerous organizations that appeal to you!  Schedule An Appointment! Schedule An Appointment! http://www.genbook.com/bookings/slot/reservation/30150274    http://www.EyewearGallery.com Dr. Warren Johnson/ Dr. Do Nguyen

Pay Forward in your community!

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Enjoy life and give back all the time in our paying forward thinking! ThanksMemphis!


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