What is the main reason people cannot see worldwide?


Need for eye exams to provide prescription eye glasses

1. Cataracts 2. Glaucoma 3. Lack of Eye Exams 4. Need for prescription glasses 5. Macular Degeneration?

The answer to the question as to the main reason people cannot see world wide is the lack of prescription glasses. This is because 2/3 of the world population does not have access to eye care examinations. Therefore, this is the reason 66% of the world’s population cannot see and therfore blind in that sense! Let’s help out this situation by donating any old glasses to our office which will be sent to these countries that lack resources for vision care and eye exams! www.TheEyewearGallery.com Dr. Warren Johnson/Dr. Burt Bodan, www.yelp.com/biz/eyewear-gallery-memphis-2 ,  www.facebook.com/EyewearGallery



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