PETA Names Memphis Redbirds AutoZone Park on Vegetarian-Friendly List

These days of fast food, cyber fast feedback and fast lifestyles have everybody tired. It has become increaslingly important to be aware of our food intake because our fast lifestyles affect our eyes and the health of our bodies. The amount of our food intake is to be monitored by not only quantity but quality. I find this story interesting because as we finally get time to relax, no matter what the venue, this ballgame park has recognized the importance of healthy eating indulging while watching that relaxing game of baseball.  

Eye doctors, “optometrists” as well as nutritionists, tell us that unhealthy lifestyles including our food intake may affect our vision which can affect our overall health and our vision on both cloudy and sunny days which cries out the need for polarized sunglasses at the park to preserve our vision.

AutoZonePark, home of the Memphis Redbirds, has grabbed the No. 6 spot in PETA’s Top 10 vegetarian-friendly minor league ballparks.

The Memphis park’s veggie dogs, veggie sausage and grilled spicy black-bean burgers are three of the vegetarian-friendly food options offered and a few of the reasons why AutoZonePark was named part of the Top 10. Memphis Redbirds fans are also offered a baked-potato bar, a fresh fruit medley and a grilled Caesar salad wrap with fish-friendly, anchovy-free salad dressing.

Play ball!! Dr. Warren Johnson,

Dr. Warren Johnson/ Dr. Burt Bodan/901-763-2020

Play Ball and eat healthy at the Ball Park!


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