Longer Eyelashes or Glaucoma?

Doctor Johnson,

I keep seeing advertising about longer eyelashes with a prescription drug “Latisse” that you apply to your eyelashes daily. Celebrities like Brooke Shields already look good and are promoting this prescription to make your eyelashes grow. Is this a safe thing to do and does it work?

Well, it’s kind of funny. The same drug that is being touted to grow longer eyelashes, “Latisse” is the same medication found in the glaucoma treating drug called “Lumigan”.  I have been prescribing Lumigan for a number of years. The side effects that I have had to warn my patients about, when using this drug to treat their glaucoma, is the fact that it can darken eye color and cause pigmented areas on the skin. The other side effect is it can cause the eyelashes to grow. The women who have glaucoma and use Lumigan have always been pleased with this side effect. The men can take it or leave it. The glaucoma version “Lumigan,” is much cheaper than Latisse. I have had many patients on this glaucoma drug “Lumigan”, which has produced the side affect of eyelash lengthening.  The moral of this story is if you develop glaucoma you will save some money but who wants to risk their vision to make their eyelashes grow!  The other part to this is those who are using Latisse and for the purpose of growing their eyelashes will probably get some in their eyes which may help reduce the pressure in their eyes, reducing the risk of glaucoma but that is just my humble opinion!

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