I am allergic to dogs but want one!

Man’s Best Friend

 The old adage that “Dog is man’s best friend,” can be true but with limitations.  The American population stats show that since more people are living singly, our canine friends have become not only our companions but our family.

The question is whether or not you can have a dog and not suffer from allergies to it. As we all know things like shedding, dog dander and mites cause us to suffer if we are prone to be allergic to them.

I would suggest before making the decision, be proactive. First call your vet or a friend’s vet and see what suggestions that they may have as to a dog that is hypoallergenic.

I would also review your own personal circumstance. Is my lifestyle conducive to enjoying a dog and the dog be a happy member of my family or extended family.  Which dogs are more suited to an urban lifestyle, apartment living, rural setting or the suburbs that may come with a yard. If you find that you still want to go forward look at this link to see which breeds of dogs are less prone to cause allergies in individuals.   http://www.dogguide.net/dog-breeds-for-allergies.php

We have raised 4 kids with several dogs and they are an integral part of my family as they are for most families or individuals that have one.  Good luck with your decision but if it all comes together I think we can all agree that Dog is man’s best friend or should I say one of them!


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