Eyewear Gallery in Memphis Has Fun!

You know there are alot of places to work but I am really happy to say that our great staff are the reason that our patients are taken care of so well.  I have practiced for many years and I just want to say thank you.

We have fun as you can see and we have alot of face shapes and we can attest to the fact that your face shape matters in what type of glasses are chosen by and for you.

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Iconic Ray Bans at Eyewear Gallery!

We have one of the largest selections of Ray Bans in our area.  See our Video and our staff optician Aleisha explain all the ways you can wear your Ray Bans.  They are for dress, casual, fun, sun and shade/s.

Call to Schedule your Eyewear Makeover and / or your eye exam.

http://www.EyewearGallery.com         Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen

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Tom Ford Glasses and Sunglasses

Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee is proud of it’s heritage.  For 30 years it has been the premier optical and eye care offering for both Medical Eyecare and Designer Eyewear. Tom Ford is one of the designers that is part of the flavor and flair of many designer collections carried by Eyewear Gallery.  As you see in the video each pair of glasses and sunglasses is hand picked for our store.

Tom Ford started his career in the fashion industry having at first studied architecture.  He attended school in New York City and did some acting in Los Angeles.  He studied design in Paris and came back to the US and was fashion designer for Gucci.

He left Gucci and started his own company.  Tom Ford brands of fragrances, clothing and eyewear are all to his credit.  Tom Ford eyewear and sunglasses brand has since gone on from strength to stronger, and is one of the most popular eyewear brands at present in the U.S. and abroad.

Schedule an appointment to have a personal assistant provide a consultation or makeover so they can detail the artisanship of Tom Ford Designer Eyewear and Sunglasses that suit your face shape and personal style.

http://www.EyewearGallery.com  Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen

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Sunglasses May Damage Your Eyes!

Americans Likely Underestimating The Danger Of UV Rays On Their Eyes, Reports Say.

Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee with both Dr. Warren Johnson and Dr. Do Nguyen want our followers to understand Ultraviolet light better and it’s repercussions on both your vision and skin.  Below are some recent studies that confirm what we tell our patients and why we always recommend total UV protection for your eyes.

The Vision Council has issued its “2016 Vision Report.” which reveals that “three-quarters of Americans are worried about eye damage from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, but only 31 percent actually take action to somehow protect their eyes” by wearing sunglasses. The report’s authors concluded, “Americans’ lax approach to sunglass use reveals that they are likely underestimating the danger of UV.”

Kim Dramer writes a blog for the Huffington Post, and says “summer sun poses significant issues for eye health and vision.” To protect “vision during the summer months and beyond” from the harm caused by ultraviolet rays, including long-term problems, such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and even cancer, the American Optometric Association (AOA) provides guidelines recommending the use of sunglasses, wearing a hat, and using sunscreen on the skin around the eyes.

In our office, many patients when told of the need for UV protection in their sunglasses, may say “I have a dozen sunglasses with that UV sticker on them.”  These actually may do more harm than good.  All clear lenses have UV protection, so when you see sunglasses with a UV protection sticker on them, beware.  A tinted pair of sunglasses may actually cause more damage because the eye lets more light in than if they didn’t have them on.  Eyewear Gallery’s lab measures the amount of UV protection in all sunglasses that people bring with them.  Unless your eye doctor can determine a measurable amount of UV protection in any sunglasses that you may own, they may do more harm than good.  Don’t use pickup sunglasses you may find at the store because the UV protective claims may not be fully protective and do more harm than good.

In addition, Andrea Thau, OD, “president-elect of the AOA and Associate Clinical Professor at State University of New York College of Optometry, provides an eye health primer for understanding the dangers posed by ultraviolet under the summer sun and all seasons protecting your eye health and vision as well as that of your child during summer vacation and year round.”   Schedule an appointment or visit our website for more information.

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen | http://www.EyewearGallery.com


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Designer Glasses and Sunglasses

What’s in a name?  Well if the name in classic eyewear is Oliver Peoples there is much recognition in that name in the eyewear world.

Oliver Peoples is an American luxury eyewear brand, established in 1987.  The company opened its first boutique in West Hollywood, California and appeared on the cover of German Vogue in 1987.

The brand has been featured in numerous fashion magazines, including GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Gentleman’s Quarterly.  These glasses are popular with celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise.  Recently celebrating twenty-five years in the industry, the brand remains highly influential, creating campaigns that deploy film, music and designer collaborations that communicate a lifestyle that is distinctly Los Angeles.

Celebrity References

These frames have been worn in both sunglasses and glasses in films like the Fight Club with Brad Pitt.  In 2000 in the film American Psycho actors like Patrick Bateman is seen in the movie wearing Oliver Peoples.

Matt Damon, Glenn Close and the once Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard have penchants for Oliver Peoples.  You can see there is a common likeability of these pieces of eyewear.  They were designed for both dress wear and casual in both glasses and sunglasses.  These designer glasses and sunglasses may be found in a variety of notable fashion boutiques including the designer eyewear boutique Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tenn.

EyewearGallery.com  Dr. Warren Johnson| Dr. Do Nguyen  Schedule and Appointment for your exam or schedule an Eyewear Makeover to see the Oliver Peoples collection.








Then-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard wore Ashton in Red Tortoise Gradient, initially at the National Press Club, announcing the date for the 2013 Federal Election starting the longest election campaign (9 months) in Australia’s history.[12]

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Eyewear Gallery Memphis Designer Glasses!

photo office interior 10-14 for website

Eyewear Gallery is known in Memphis and in many parts of the USA as a premier optical for hand picked eyewear chosen for our patrons!

Eyewear Gallery is known for its, “one of a kind,” hand made designer Glasses.  Names like Chanel, Tiffany, Alain Mikli, Lafont, Beausoleil are just a few that can be found.  However, many of the frame lines we have are not found in other stores.  Many of these frame lines are made from hand carved plastics from Italy and are made by French, Italian and other lesser known designers.  View our selection and/or schedule an appointment.  All of our glasses and sunglasses are hand picked.  Choosing your glasses with the help of our professionals is a fun experience at Eyewear Gallery.  We want you to feel great and look great in choosing the right look for you!

Eyewear Gallery also wishes to offer glasses and sunglasses lovers who are not able to come to our office.  Some of our patrons are from many countries, and other cities as well as our home in Memphis, Tennessee.  This service offers you another way to buy glasses not carried in our store through our Shop Glasses Online service.

View our frames directly and see our site to see how we craft lenses custom made for you and your work and play lifestyle.

www.Eyewear Gallery.com

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Street Photography – Amsterdam, New York City & Paris | Edge of Humanity Magazine

Post by @PollyMotzko.

Source: Street Photography – Amsterdam, New York City & Paris | Edge of Humanity Magazine

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  These photos show just that…what is being thought behind the beholder to feel a part of a scene they are not part of says something about what is inside of them.  That is special and something all should appreciate about a photo

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